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Hydro excavation

Hydro excavation

Hydro Excavation is the process of removing or moving soil with pressurized water. An air conveyance or vacuum is then used to transfer the soil or debris to a debris tank. This allows for a non-destructive and more accurate way to excavate soil and locate underground utilities. The popularity of hydro excavation today started with oil and gas industries in Canada. The Canadian contractors were able to see the efficiency of hydro excavation as compared to other methods of daylighting.

High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting is an environmentally-safe method used to handle cleaning, cutting and surface preparation problems in a variety of industrial applications. This versatile technology has been proven effective for use with materials as diverse as rubber, composites, metals and even foodstuffs.
High Pressure Water Jetting is environmentally friendly in that it does not produce hazardous water products often found in the manufacturing process. In addition, water jetting uses small amounts of water, which can be recycled using a closed loop system. Water jetting also reduces the release of fumes and contaminants from materials such as fiberglass and asbestos, thereby creating a safer environment for equipment operators.

Hydro excavation

Televising services

Our high-tech miniature cameras are mounted to the end of a fiber-optic cable, which is then pushed into a sewer pipe. The camera is operated by technicians who can change its speed, direction, and angle of inspection. A digital recording is made of the cameras progression through the sewer pipes which shows our expert what sort of impediment is interfering with the sewer line. We can detect roots or a buildup of food or kitchen grease, a foreign object that has been flushed down the toilet, and check for natural deterioration of the sewer and water lines. The obstacle can be removed or the sewer line can be repaired at the exact spot it is impaired, without having to dig up large areas of your lawn.

Locating services

Locating services

A transmitter and a hand-held receiver will be pushed through a sewer line as narrow as 1 1/2 inches, and located with an above-ground receiver. This gives our technician an exact depth and location of your sewer pipes, as well as the direction they run. Having this information is critical in the early planning stages of landscaping or remodeling. Without knowing exactly where your sewer pipes are located, you run the risk of unintentionally damaging them or unnecessarily tunneling through your yard to find them.

Locating services

Sewer pipe cleaning

Mature trees add beauty and shade to landscapes, but their roots can cause extensive damage to sewer pipes. Roots grow into the pipes because they like it there! Sewer pipes contain water, nutrients and oxygen-the essential elements for trees to grow. Aside from sewer blockages and backups caused by FOGG, tree roots growing inside sewer pipes are one of the most expensive sewer maintenance items experienced by our customers. Roots from trees growing on private property and on parkways throughout the service area are responsible for many of the sanitary sewer service backups and damaged sewer pipes experienced in our community.Each homeowner is responsible for maintaining their sewer laterals-the pipe that connects the sewer pipes in the house to the main sewer pipe, which is usually in a street. Because the pipes are buried and out of sight, homeowners usually don't have any clues to potential problems in their laterals until it's too late.

The flow of warm water inside sewer pipes causes vapor to escape to the cooler soil surrounding the pipe. Tree roots grow toward the vapor to the point of its source. The source of the vapor is usually a crack in the pipes or a loose joint. Once the tree roots reach the crack or loose joint, they will grow through the opening to reach the plentiful nutrients and moisture inside. Once inside the pipe, the roots will continue to grow, and if not disturbed, they will eventually completely fill the pipe with hair-like root masses. These masses can act as a net as they catch household fats, oils, grease, grit (FOGG), tissue paper, and other debris discharged from the residence.

Slowly flowing drains are the sign that the system is having a problem from roots. Homeowners will notice the first signs of a slow-flowing drainage system by hearing gurgling noises from their toilet bowls. A complete blockage will occur if no actions are taken to remove the roots/blockage. That's were we step In and cut and remove roots out of the pipe. Sometimes the damage from roots are extensive and the pipe must be repaired. At that point we can safely excavate and replace the sewer main as well.

Joski sewer does all drains from big to small including tubs,kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks,floor drains and any other drain pipe that may clog.

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